Friday, February 20, 2009

Iconic. !

Hey Everyone, Just To Say I Have an Amazing New Club Called Iconic. and Its For Girls who Think They Have What it Takes to Become the 'ICONIC Top Model'. All You Have to Do Is Join and Wait to see if You Get Accepted. Tell Your Friends To Join! What do you think of its logo ? Let me know !
With Love and Kisses,
Ella .

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hacked :(

Hey Everyone ! Sorry For the Lack of Posts, I Never Manage to Get time !
So Atm Im Upset, Im Getting Hacked and they Have Changed My Password !
After the Green Armani Dress Came Out, I Did the Way of Getting it and Did it To A Different Email - Then I Forgot the Email Account Password So I Dont Know What It Has Been Changed To. One way or Another I Will Get My Account Back - I Have an Idea on Who It Is and Thankfully they Dont Know My Blogger Account !
So, Fingers Crosses !
With Love and Kisses,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow, My First Dress, Without Photoshop !

Yes, I Made a Dress Without Photoshop and Really, Its Not that Hard ! As Long as its not a Hard dress to do anyway. So I Know Its Not Brilliant as Its my first one and its not done with PS, but give me some credit and tell me, What do you think ? Do you want more ? Oh, and its a D&G Mini Dress ! :

Enjoy ! With Love, Ella x

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Revival Magazine Release !

Yes, Just before the Famous Revival Magazine Was Released by the owners Lindsey Rockell and Lindsay Brock. On of my Favourite graphics was the one of Kasia:

Its Beautiful and The Background looks great. I Believe it is taken from Sims2 ?
Read the magagzine at, Enjoy !
Oh, And Im Sure you've all seen the DKNY Spring '09 Previews Right ?
With Love, Ella

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sorry !

Right, Even though its nearly February I've added a Resolution to my List - To post more on my Blog ! Im So Sorry I Havent Posted, I Keep forgetting but If You Click the Follow this Blog Button then I Have a Reason to post !
So Back to the Gossip ! I Logged on and In My Updates i had 2 Messages and these where what they looked like:

Now, Even though its Not in English, Even i can read that !! Edge Magazine and Edge Models Have been deleted. At first I Thought either a Hack or Change of Magazine name again so i went and typed in 'Writemarycat' in the search. She wasnt there !
So Everything of Mary has Gone. So thats 2 Good friends Gone, Mary and Ashwy. Maybe Mary Was Hacked ? I Do know that Ashwy Left. I Will try to tell you the reason when i speak to her on Skype.
Love Lots ! Ella.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eternity Post.

Sorry For Not Posting In A While, I've Been Ultra Busy ! Well Heres My First Post.

I Have Been Honored a Mega Huge Job and You Will Never Believe It. I Was Sitting In My Bedroom when I Had A Bit of Interview with The Amazing Mary - Writemarycat, She then Told Me This:
You Have Been Accepted.

I Am Now A Offical Eternity Team Member and I, Ella Harpwood, Will Be Writing For Eternity !
I Was Over the Moon when I Found out and I Still Am Now, I Guess It Just Doesnt Wear Off.
So, as A Eternity Team Member Im Going to Make sure that I Bring You Eternity News, So Make Sure Your At TrendLounge At 7pm GMT Tonight for Lorie and Mary's Super Sweet 16th !

Friday, December 19, 2008


Welcome To a Fashion Dolly, All About the Fabulous Website Stardoll and all the Gossip and Fashionistas on it. There is plenty to come and I May be Hiring some new writers so Look out.
With Love, Ella.
Ps. Banner coming soon.