Saturday, January 31, 2009

Revival Magazine Release !

Yes, Just before the Famous Revival Magazine Was Released by the owners Lindsey Rockell and Lindsay Brock. On of my Favourite graphics was the one of Kasia:

Its Beautiful and The Background looks great. I Believe it is taken from Sims2 ?
Read the magagzine at, Enjoy !
Oh, And Im Sure you've all seen the DKNY Spring '09 Previews Right ?
With Love, Ella

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sorry !

Right, Even though its nearly February I've added a Resolution to my List - To post more on my Blog ! Im So Sorry I Havent Posted, I Keep forgetting but If You Click the Follow this Blog Button then I Have a Reason to post !
So Back to the Gossip ! I Logged on and In My Updates i had 2 Messages and these where what they looked like:

Now, Even though its Not in English, Even i can read that !! Edge Magazine and Edge Models Have been deleted. At first I Thought either a Hack or Change of Magazine name again so i went and typed in 'Writemarycat' in the search. She wasnt there !
So Everything of Mary has Gone. So thats 2 Good friends Gone, Mary and Ashwy. Maybe Mary Was Hacked ? I Do know that Ashwy Left. I Will try to tell you the reason when i speak to her on Skype.
Love Lots ! Ella.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eternity Post.

Sorry For Not Posting In A While, I've Been Ultra Busy ! Well Heres My First Post.

I Have Been Honored a Mega Huge Job and You Will Never Believe It. I Was Sitting In My Bedroom when I Had A Bit of Interview with The Amazing Mary - Writemarycat, She then Told Me This:
You Have Been Accepted.

I Am Now A Offical Eternity Team Member and I, Ella Harpwood, Will Be Writing For Eternity !
I Was Over the Moon when I Found out and I Still Am Now, I Guess It Just Doesnt Wear Off.
So, as A Eternity Team Member Im Going to Make sure that I Bring You Eternity News, So Make Sure Your At TrendLounge At 7pm GMT Tonight for Lorie and Mary's Super Sweet 16th !